124 pubs and not a drop of alcohol to be had…….

TMC have just completed a secret shopper survey for Coca Cola and Joseph Holt Brewery that involved visiting all 124 of their pubs.

The objective was to ascertain how the bar staff responded to a request for a coke and a pint of lager. A simple enough task you may think, but the proof was in the response.  Were we offered draught or bottled coke, did it come in a Coke glass, were we offered ice and a slice, did the bar staff ask which lager we wanted, was it served in the correct glass? All important points if the customer is going to walk away from the bar feeling they got what they wanted and didn’t have to keep explaining themselves. Something we’ve all frustratingly done time and again at many a bar.

So why all the trouble of pretending to be a customer and checking the responses.  It’s all part of Joseph Holt’s drive to ensure they give the customer the best possible service.


The down side for TMC… ordering 124 pints of lager and not being able to drink one!

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